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Amy Cassidy

"As an artist I visualize color in motion, and that is what I attempt to project with my unusual painting style. The allure of this style of art to me, is that the viewer gets the privilege to see, feel, and interpret whatever they want.

My take on abstract expressionism is a little different than what you may have come to expect of typical abstract art. I have made it my goal to redefine what most people think of when they envision an abstract image.   I’m inspired by the world around me. The spatial relationships between color, line, composition, light and nature influence what I do. With roots in traditional painting, I enjoy fusing painting fundamentals with technology in an abstract, modern application.

My art is colorful, fluid, and usually jewel toned. Some of my paintings have been enhanced with a resin coating. The jewel toned pigments combined with a hard glassy resin coating create a very unique painting that is like jewelry for your walls".