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Art Consultant

 How We're Different

  • Custom Designed and Built

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  • Stand by Our Craft

First Consultation - First call consists of a visit to your location.  We look at your space, colors, decoration style, and the artwork you currently carry.  We discuss ideas concerning art & framing with your budget.  This consultation is free of cost and no obligation.

Initial Evaluation - Based on notes from the first consultation, we tailor an art program for you from our vast art and framing resources.  We will put together cohesive options for you to choose from with your colors, decor and budget in mind.

Second Consultation - We return to you with artwork, slides, catalogues, frame samples, accessories, and plenty of ideas for contemplation.  We will suggest locations to hang artwork and recommend re-framing of existing work if necessary. We may also advise for custom mirrors or make further framing recommendations for them.  This consultation is free of cost.

Proposals - We will put together several proposals with a range of artwork, framing, and budgets.  The proposals will project options in paintings, prints, reproductions, framing, and even pottery or furniture if necessary.  Our proposals are explicit and complete, so it is simple for you to choose from one piece or the whole proposal.

Framing - Our framing philosophy is to frame artwork for the art, but we're also realistic in feeling that it should work in the environment it is displayed in.  All framings are done at our facility with the highest quality materials.  Our artisans are creative and highly experienced so your piece will always look unique and custom-made.  We will also visit your location for framing, if necessary.

Installation - All artwork is professionally installed with proper hardware.  With our expertise, your artwork will be hung at the right height and properly centered.  All proposal prices include installation.

Your existing artwork - We always utilize existing artwork into your new scheme.  We will suggest locations for the artwork, mirrors, and documents you may have.  We will also tie in work that may seem out of place, by re-framing it to match the decor.

Approval - On occasions, we will leave artwork on approval with a deposit so that you can contemplate on it or inquire with your consultant.

Fees - There are no additional fees for our consulting service on artwork or framing.  If, however, you are looking for re-hanging, appraisals, or restorations on artwork, we have an hourly fee.  Inquire with your consultant.

For questions or help, please call  713.521.5928